Who are we?

Skool is the flagship project of the Technology in Education Foundation that provides free technology training for 8-18-year-old girls.

Our future is determined by the direction the technological development will take. We are not only aware of this, but also working to support such development.

We undertook a large mission to provide useful and usable technological knowledge to young girls and women in a brand new form of education as an independent organization, on a non-profit basis. We could even say: out of love.

Through our programs, we show young girls what technology is about and what career opportunities they could have in the future of this exciting world. Through this, we actively encourage and inspire them to choose technology when they get to decide between various education and working opportunities.

Our aim is also that young people should feel a sense of achievement during learning and experience it as a joyful, explorative activity. We organize practice-oriented, experimental and child-centered programs that help young girls become active participants in technological innovation and be able to form their own future and achieve success in their professions in this area.

Our mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on the Hungarian society. We are building a community which supports the professional career and success of girls in the world of technology while assisting in reaching gender equality and balance in this sector.

We have built partnerships with the most important companies in the technology sector. Thanks to our partners, programmer girls can get an insight into the daily life of the tech industry. They also get the opportunity to personally meet with developers and the most prominent women of the tech crowd who inspire and encourage through personal stories.

Why is this good for us?

Because there will be a time when we shall be very proud of hearing cool computer scientists, reputable business women, and company executives speaking about their career:

I’ve started in Skool, too! :)


What is it about?

At our half-day or one-day workshops you can get to know the friendly face of technology. You can roam in the realm of computer graphics and animation, mobile applications or robotics if you like and in the meantime you can have an insight for what it is like to work in the offices of Ericsson, Prezi, Microsoft or Graphisoft.

For whom do we offer these programs?

We keep the programs for girls between 10 and 16 years of age. Not only because IT knowledge in today’s world is cool for girls, too, but we also think that before making your career choice you should be introduced to an exciting future-oriented field. It is important that we organize different programs for different age groups, please chose the one which is meant for you. You do not need any special previous experience; you only need to be enthusiastic and have unlimited curiosity!


We focus on interesting topics such as robotics, development of mobile applications, computer graphics and animation, as well as web design. We develop the syllabus together with recognized Hungarian and foreign professionals. Our aim is to raise interest in technology and uncover a range of career prospects in this field.

Skool Clubs

What is it about?

During the 10-week course, wich meets once or twice after school for 90 minutes, experienced professionals introduce you to the basics of programming in an exciting way while you can learn a great number of new, thrilling things, we guarantee that!

For whom do we offer these programs?

We are looking for girls between 10 and 16 years, who are interested in the world of technology and ready to participate in a 10-week tech adventure. You do not need any special previous experience, just active attention and curiosity!


At present, the topics of the courses are Scratch and Processing. Topics are being developed by recognized Hungarian and foreign professionals. Our syllabus requires project-based learning. Our goal is that the process of learning should seek and give answers to real challenges.

Talent care programs

What is it about?

Apart from tech knowledge we focus on developing skills like increasing self-confidence, ambition, problem solving and decision-making. These will be achieved by tasks like preparing and holding presentations, situational games, teamwork and problem solving practice. We also organize inspirational talks with successful women working in the field of technology.

For whom do we offer these programs?

We arrange meetings with girls with the same interest and of similar age, between 10 and 16, we prepare you for contests, we support you during your tech studies or give you advice if you happen to need it.

Who will be mentoring?

Experienced trainers, enthusiastic start-uppers and cool young people. You can learn from professionals who feel at home in the field of technology, education or trainings and are happy to inspire you and hand over their knowledge.



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Annual Report 2016

2017. 07. 24.

Our foundation launched the Skool project exactly 3 years ago with the aim to provide wide access to the world of technology for as many young girls as possible. The […]


Hosted by Google Boston

2015. 05. 27.

What an amazing experience the Skool team had this May! We had the chance to spend three eventful days at the East Coast headquarters of Google in Boston, specifically in […]


Skool wins the Google RISE Award!

2015. 04. 16.

We have reached another milestone in Skool’s life. We are delighted and honored to become one of the winners of Google’s international award, the 2015 Google RISE. Skool is the […]



When I first heard about the Skool’s program, it did not really catch me because I thought I disliked programming. I belived it wasn't for me and I was afraid that it would be difficult. At school, we only had IT from the seventh grade and the teachers were mainly dealing with the boys because they proved to be more skillful. When I attended my first workshop, I liked it very much and enrolled in the camp, as well. I like the vision the professionals showed us about informatics, and now I would like to go to a vocational school where I can learn IT. Since I like drawing very much, I would like to use drawing and IT skills in a graphic design career.

Dorka  //  14 years old  //  Budapest  //  Participant in the camp

I liked the First Lego League contest very much because I’ve learned how to work in a team and cooperate with others. It was also good because I experienced a lot of new, interesting things during the contest and on the preparatory course. It was a pretty good feeling to work together with the girls and I hope we shall enter for this contest or a similar one next time, as well. I am glad that I’ve made a lot of new friends.

Jázmin  //  11 years old  //  Budapest  //  Participant in the workshop and in the FLL contest

As parents, we would like to thank you for the Skool program last weekend at which our little girl could also participate. The questionnaire she filled in shows she enjoyed it very much and hopes that she will be able to participate in many Skool programs like this. And it is a very good feeling for us parents, as well that there are initiatives like this and that our children get the opportunity to attend such programmes.

Andrea  //  42 years old  //  Vác  //  Mother

I’ve heard about the summer tech camp organized by Skool and I applied to it. There I’ve heard about Scratch for the first time and I designed a webpage for the first time in my life. We were also dealing with robotics, which was very interesting. I haven’t met any robot programmers before. Employees of cool tech companies held us presentations and we were lucky enough to visit one or two of these companies. Later, I took the opportunity offered by Skool and went to the FLL robotics contest with a team of very cool girls. I liked it very much and got to know a lot of great people and companies. Now I am strongly considering choosing an IT career thanks to Skool.

Lili  //  12 years old  //  Budapest  //  Participant in the camp and the FLL contest

I took part in the program, because I feel it is important that more and more girls should get to know and learn to love programming. Through participating, I feel that I could also contribute to this, even if only a little.

Niki  //  27 years old  //  Budapest  //  Tech volunteer

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