Annual Report 2016

2017. 07. 24.

Our foundation launched the Skool project exactly 3 years ago with the aim to provide wide access to the world of technology for as many young girls as possible.

The journey that was initiated with 15 girls from Budapest has expanded to a magnitude reaching and involving more than 1.000 girls from 136 cities.

Our main objective in 2016 was to make our programs available for girls in the countryside. We started our Skool Club network with programs in Miskolc, Békéscsaba and Szeged, providing the opportunity to learn to code in 10-week after school courses with local trainers, organizers and volunteers. In addition to these sites, we made great efforts to extend the club network to further locations this year.

As another important milestone during the year, we conducted a study to research to what extent and how the interest of Skool girls was shifted towards the tech industry. The study established that participation in Skool programs has raised the interest in technology of 90% of girls; and 81% have been involved in some kind of programming activity since then. 53% of respondents definitely would like to become a programmer, or plan a career in IT-related disciplines.

At Skool, we strongly believe that the gender gap in the IT industry can only be eliminated with joint forces. Therefore, it is very important for us to see and feel that so many of you stand next to us and help our foundation with voluntary work, expertise, financial support, enthusiasm and encouragement. Thanks to you, we are here now, and we have been able to accomplish the goals we had set.

We have even bolder dreams and plans for 2017: this year we launched a new project that offers free courses for disadvantaged children living in child care homes. We hope that you will frequently hear of our “KódKlub” project in the near future. :-)

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