Skool wins the Google RISE Award!

2015. 04. 16.

We have reached another milestone in Skool’s life. We are delighted and honored to become one of the winners of Google’s international award, the 2015 Google RISE. Skool is the first ever Hungarian organization having been supported by Google’s grant, which makes us even more sure that what we’re doing is really filling the gap on the Hungarian market.


Google’s international award, which supports youth technology education around the world, has been granted to 37 organizations from 17 countries this year, including  Skool. This award does not only mean financial support, but we will also receive mentoring from Google’s team, and professional support to help us scale our programs across the country, thus giving the opportunity for even more girls to get introduced to the exciting world of technology.

Google’s aim is to provide high level technology education to as many young people as possible, so that they are not only users of computer sciences, but become the creators of the field. To reach this goal, they dedicate funds and resources to the most innovative applicants across the world, where they believe the programs are making a difference. This year’s winner initiatives place their focus to different areas: in California, for example, the organization works with coding and creating music, in Mexico, the winning program is about game development, while in Brazil, the kids learn coding together with their parents. Regardless of the different methods and resources in the countries, all the grant applications have the same mission: to help young people  reach their goals to build their futures and to open new opportunities to them, which may have an impact on their entire lives.

The lack of technology education opportunities and inspiration for girls is a global problem, even though there is a growing need for IT professionals on the job market, and for girls to become creators of this field. With Skool, our mission is to draw attention to this problem, and to give the opportunity to girls to get introduced to this exciting world. With the help of Google RISE award, we can now inspire even more girls!

For more information on the award check Google’s website: Google RISE