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All started in 2014.

Skool has become a synonym for innovative and inspirational technology training for young girls over the past five years. Embracing the potentials of the digital economy that changes the relationship between humans and technology, we are now extending our activities beyond coding: we reinterpret the learning process and strive to pass on the code of the future to the young generations.

True to our inquisitive mind-set and achievements, we wish to continue the pioneering story that is unique in Hungary. We like to write stimulating story lines but give the leading roles to the youngsters and parents, as well as our mentors, trainers, and supporting partners. 

From the professional perspective, we redefine the learning process and the role of teachers, we develop and provide learning content not available in the school system, we involve parents, and we include topics that are most relevant for our supporters.

From the emotional view, we give space to experience-based learning and the joy of shared and creative discovery. Our technology focus is playful, lovable, memorable – and fundamentally free. We invite all our partners to a futuristic journey.


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Introduction to technology; success- and experience-based coding courses with a focus on design learning and algorithmic thinking to increase female engagement in the technology sector.

Only for girls, ages 8-18.

Innovative platform for community building and experience sharing to support Skool graduates to exploit their skills and knowledge in the technology sector. 

Only for She’s Skool graduates, 12+.

Introduction to technology; success- and experience-based coding courses with a focus on design learning and algorithmic thinking.

Only for children at risk in remote regions, ages 8-18.

Knowledge-pool for teachers, trainers, mentors and parents that provides access to progressive training methods, positive motivating solutions, and best practices of design learning.

Only for 18+ young parents, mentors.

Industry-related information and research services for the development of business, recruitment and partnering strategies: surveys, reports, studies, statistics and best practices.

key Board

Skool is backed up by an advisory board of five experienced and enthusiastic professionals, who have undertaken on a voluntary basis to support us with their remarks and experience in achieving our goals.

Edina Heal

Zsófi Major

Imre dr. Felde

Gabriella Liptai

Attila Bozsó


We are aware of our values, but the most expressive reviews come from our students, volunteers, partners and parents. Check out what they write about us! We also appreciate if you help others with your opinion to choose a program.


We love dreaming. The only thing we love more is when our dreams come true. As a foundation, we fund our operations largely from external sources. So, with our supportive partners, we dream and work together. In addition to financial support, we cooperate with our partners on a professional level, too. We provide the opportunity for our cooperating partners’ staff to participate in our programs and to contribute professionally to program development. This is how they experience the feeling of educating young people personally. We organize our workshops in the offices of our supporters, so girls and their families can directly get to know the work of our partners and with the wider audience will gain insight as a result of our communication activities.

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Barion/ Fingers/ IMEDIA / pwc / Rotera / SensoMedia / itemis / iWebMa / LocalTime PR /TEN Media

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