Hello Rowan! :)

2015. 01. 28.



My name is Rowan Langford and I’m from New York City. And I am the newest team member of Skool! I will be spending my internship with the foundation until May. But how did I land here all they way from the US?

Rowan Langford

Rowan Langford

I came to Budapest two years ago for a visit with my family and thought it was so different from any other European city I’d been to, that I wanted to spend more time here. So this January I came back to study.  I’m a student at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, but until May I’m studying at Corvinus University.

At school I study mathematics and political economy and as a woman in math, I have often been one of the only girls in my math classes. I chose to study math because it has always been my favorite subject in school and while there are many ways to get to the same right answer, there is only one right answer. I found the same thing with the sciences and considered studying chemistry at university as well, but I found that math was my real passion.

At university I work with girls aged 10-18, tutoring in math and helping with science fairs. The idea is to get as many girls exposed to science as possible and to encourage their efforts. When I arrived to Budapest and heard about Skool I thought their mission is perfectly aligned with my ideas, and I hoped that I could help further their goals.

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I will be helping the Skool team with research and translation and looking into new opportunities for partnerships with organizations in the United States and possibly throughout Europe. I am excited to be part of their team, and looking forward to the next 3 months together!